Wednesday, 3 December 2014

winter jumpers

Here is my second post- yes SECOND post. Not quite as exciting as the first! but still pretty cool. Although we are in the middle of winter as I am posting this, I have decided to blog about 3 veryy different winter look I put together all very different but all that I love equally.

winter jumpers
mis-matched for autumn1. Is a punky, edgy winter look, but also a very cosy one. I love red. It is christmassy and bright and festive and always stands out. It looks fantastic against black and looks awesome in winter.  My favourite part of the outfit though is the boots! water proof and cold proof they are the perfect winter shoe wear. To complete the look I would probably add a beanie and maybe a parka or leather jacket

2. I love this look so much. It is a mismatch of different styles but it works (or I hope it does at least). The coat is in my opinion on trend and it means you get to wear pastels in winter- which is always a bonus! Cross body bags are also on trend right now and give the look a vintage, retro feel!
Add tights and hats and gloves to make it more wintery.

autumn chic

 3. last but not least is probably my favourite look. Its a very chic look. I can imagine this look being worn whilst walking past bundles of orange leaves while going to work with a coffee in hand. The boots are gorgeous and so understated. But the best thing is the skirt which is what completes the look, it stands out yet blends in with winter. Its almost verging on retro but has a modern on trend twist.

hope these looks don't offend anyone's eyesight and if you happen to read this post please comment with any opinions or tips - thanks and happy winter!!! xx

my first post

In the unlikely event that this post is being read by someone who is not me - HI
So... I guess this is my first post and it's and an introductory one. Blogging has always been something that I wanted to do and in a moment of madness and (procrastination) I have finally decided to get on with it. The main reason I wanted to make this blog was because of my love for fashion. I love clothes, I love how someone can take a a plain grey top, pair it with a floral skirt and sandals and make it into a gorgeous summery outfit! Then they can take the same top but, this time putting it under a black pinafore dress and adding boots and a scarf and turn it into something completely different!!!

But the best thing is that there is  never just right or wrong in fashion its up to the individual. For me it allows me to express myself in a way words could not. So in light of this, the bulk (hehehe) of the blog will be fashion related. Just me, my clothes and I

So to summarize this blog will be me posting what's in or what my take of the season is, clothes that I have my eye on and outfits that I have put together. However,there will also probably be other bits and bobs in my blog (probably food related) and the odd rant or funny story may make its way on to the page.
So that's it!  I guess, that sums up my blog - fashion and other stuff (that's probably what I should have called it) but I am going to end this here before I start internal monologuing  and begin writing my second post .

Wish me luck xx